Baby Care Products Market Research Report Published By Transparency Market Research

This report is an effort to identify factors, which will be the driving force behind the baby care market and sub-markets in the next few years.The report provides extensive analysis of the baby care industry, current market trends, industry drivers and challenges for better understanding of the babycare market structure. Transparency Market ResearchThe report has segregated the baby care industry in terms of products and geography. We have used a combination of primary and secondary research to arrive at the market estimates, market shares and trends. We have adopted bottom up model to derive market size of the global baby care market and further validated numbers with the key market participants and C-level executives.

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This Report highlights the baby care industry with the following points:
  • Definition, estimates & forecast of baby care product market from 2007 to 2017
  • Analysis of product segments for baby care products market with historical data and forecast
  • Trends and forecast for four geographic markets, namely North America, Europe Middle East & Africa (EMEA), Asia-Pacific and Latin America based on segments of baby care product market
  • Market shares of major players and strategies followed by them for gaining competitive advantage
  • Profiles of major market participants for better understanding of their contributions
This research is specially designed to estimate and analyze the demand and performance of baby care products in global scenario. This research provides in-depth analysis of baby care product manufacturers, product sales, trend analysis by segments, and demand by geography. The report covers all the major product segments of the global baby care market and provides in-depth analysis, historical data and statistically refined forecast for the segments covered.

According to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research “Baby Care Products Market – Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Share, Growth and Forecast 2007 – 2017”, Global baby care product market was worth USD 44.7 billion in 2011 and will reach USD 47.7 billion in 2012 and is further expected to reach USD 66.8 billion in 2017, growing at a CAGR of 7.0% from 2012 to 2017. In the overall global market, EMEA region is expected to maintain its lead position in terms of revenue till 2017. EMEA is expected to enjoy 34.7% of global baby care market revenue share in 2017 followed by Asia-Pacific.

The baby care product market growth is largely fueled by the growing baby population in developing nations, where the disposable income of parents have also increased considerably at the same time. Moreover, the average age of parents across the globe has also increased in past few years. Higher aged parents are considered to be financially more stable and hence have more money to spend on their baby’s care and convenience. In addition, growing number of women entering into mainstream workforce has helped the baby care market to grow, as the average disposable income of the family has grown. Baby care market has also witnessed a growing trend in baby specific products, especially baby cosmetics, which are organic in terms of ingredients used and poses no threat to baby’s health.

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